Touhou Project Still Popular Amongst Teenage Fans

Japanese Internet users who thought Touhou Project fans must have gotten older by now were surprised to learn from the series’ 19th annual popularity poll that teenagers make up most of the fanbase.

Touhou Project Still More Popular Amongst Teenage Fans

According to the 19th annual popularity poll, out of 15,273 people who answered the age section, fans aged 15 to 19 were the majority, with a total of 6,091 votes to make 39.88% of all entries. The second-highest was the 20 to 24 age group, with 3,442 votes making up 22.54%.

Touhou Project Still More Popular Amongst Teenage Fans

Out of 15,591 entrants who listed their gender, 11,680 of the votes (74.82%) answered male, and 3,373 of the votes (21.63%) answered female. The remaining 538 votes (3.45%) put ‘other.’

Here’s a list showing when people first learned about Touhou Project:

Touhou Project Still More Popular Amongst Teenage Fans

15,400 votes also answered where they first heard about Touhou Project, with the majority being 5,769 (37.46%) coming from YouTube. The second highest was “From school, club, family, and other offline connections,” with 2,973 votes (19.31%). The third highest was from NicoNico Douga, with 1,883 votes (12.23%).

The full results of Touhou Project’s 19th annual popularity vote can be seen here.

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