Tales of Arise DLC New Girl the Epitome of Moe


Why?, Because a part of it’s main plot was about the Racism between the two species?, thus it’s automatically to be treated as if it’s more of the woke propaganda shoved down our throat?.

Look I hate the Woke LGBTNDNGHRU crap as much as the next person, but this game, to me who played every bit of it I could, didn’t seem anything like the woke garbage the west continue to churn out, the girls are attractive, the men aren’t useless, the clearly defined couples are straight and not gay, there’s no signs of Trans crap in it.

Now whether or not your basis for “Worst Tales” is down to gameplay, graphics, story, whatever like that is your own opinion/tastes at work, and that’s fair, but again I played as much as I could, just cause the main topic of the game was “Racism” doesn’t make it woke or pandering to the west, Calm your tits, You’re becoming extremely paranoid.

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