Nippon TV Acquires Studio Ghibli as Subsidiary

Nippon TV has resolved at its board of directors meeting held on September 21st to acquire Studio Ghibli’s shares to make it a subsidiary. The announcement was also made at an emergency press conference in Studio Ghibli’s Tokyo conference room, where the stock transfer was approved.

Nippon TV Acquires Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli President Toshio Suzuki and Nippon TV chairman Yoshikuni Sugiyama attended the press conference, among other executives.

“Hayao Miyazaki is 82 years old, and I am 75 years old, so I’ve been worrying about the issue of a successor for a long time now,” said Suzuki. While Hayao Miyazaki’s eldest son, Goro, has been mentioned as a possible candidate to lead the studio, he expressed his belief that “It is difficult to carry Ghibli alone” and that he’d prefer to leave the future of the company to others.

Moreover, Hayao Miyazaki was also said to be against his son Goro taking over as another reason why he refused the other.

Nippon TV and Studio Ghibli have shared a long-lasting relationship since the television network first aired Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind in 1985. Nippon TV will own 42.3% of Studio Ghibli’s voting rights, making it a subsidiary company as the majority owner. The transfer execution date is scheduled for October 6th.

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