Man Arrested for Flashing His Penis While Riding a Motorcycle

An office worker was arrested for going around flashing his penis with his shorts pulled down while riding a motorcycle and evading the police.

The 50-year-old office worker from Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, was arrested on September 17th after 6:25 p.m. for public indecency after getting caught in the act by the police.

However, when questioned by the police during the investigation, the man reportedly denied the charges, saying, “I was hot while riding, so I just rolled up the hem of my shorts.”

According to the report, a police officer was on alert after receiving a 110 call about “someone riding a motorcycle with his lower body exposed” and found him riding a 125cc motorcycle with his shorts pulled down.

When the officer asked the man to stop, he fled, which led to a chase that ended after the penis-flashing motorcyclist caused an accident while attempting to escape.

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