Man Arrested for Breaking Into High School: ‘I like High School Girls!’

An unemployed man who was arrested in April for breaking into two high schools to steal gym shoes was arrested again on September 24th for breaking into a high school, and his reason was, “Because I like high school girls.”

According to the police report, 44-year-old Masakazu Takushi from Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, allegedly broke into the gymnasium of Inabe Sogo Gakuen High School, a prefectural high school in Inabe, at around 4:00 a.m. on September 24th.

The school’s alarm system activated, and the police arrived on time to arrest the suspect who was in the gymnasium. The man admitted to the charges in response to the police investigation, stating, “Because I like high school girls.”

The suspect was charged with breaking into the two previous high schools and will be charged again for the third. According to the Prefectural Board of Education, three other cases of damage occurred in the prefecture between August and September. The police are investigating any possible connections to the case.

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