Man Arrested After Caught Hiding in Street Gutter to Take Panty Shots

A 36-year-old man was arrested in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, for allegedly placing a smartphone in a street gutter to secretly take panty shots of girls walking by.

According to the report, a female high school student noticed a smartphone in the street gutter and reported it to the police as a lost item. Since the smartphone was in recording mode, the police suspected that it was being used to take panty shots.

While the police were unable to unlock the smartphone, when investigators searched the area on September 14th, they found a man crawling on all fours in a nearby ditch.

When the police asked, “What were you doing?” the pervert said, “I was trying to look up her skirt.”

Upon further investigation, the man was arrested ten years ago on suspicion of doing the same thing, crawling into a gutter to peep under a woman’s skirt. He admitted to the charges upon investigation.

Here’s a news report on the gutter pervert:

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