Kyoto Animation Arsonists: ‘Victims? What About KyoAni Stealing My Work?!’

During the Kyoto Animation arson case’s eighth hearing, the arsonist Shinji Aoba continued to show no remorse and even argued about the studio ‘stealing’ his work when asked about the victims.

When a lawyer representing the victims asked, “Did you not think of the victims?” Aoba raised his voice and responded, “On the contrary, what were you thinking about KyoAni stealing (my) work?” which got him a warning from the judge.

The lawyer asked about his intention behind the ‘reverse question,’ to which Aoba replied, “I must be punished for the crime I committed, but does that mean everything KyoAni did will go unanswered?” When asked if he had any resentment towards KyoAni, Aoba answered, “I still do.”

The first hearing took place earlier in September, and there will be a total of 24 hearings before a ruling is handed out on January 25, 2024.

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