Japanese AV Actress Among Others Busted for Prostitution in Hong Kong

Eleven prostitutes, including the Japanese AV actress Minato Maiha, were busted in Hong Kong during a large-scale anti-pornography raid conducted by the police on the evening of September 5th.

Out of the eleven prostitutes, four were Japanese women, including the AV actress Minato Maiha, who initially claimed to be only 26 years old, but it was discovered later that she was about to turn 40 next month.

According to the Hong Kong police report on the uncovered prostitution syndicate, the group used Telegram to solicit customers and provide prostitution services. Sexy photos of women were given to customers to choose from, advertised as “real-person photos.”

The sex ring charged about 6,000 Hong Kong dollars per session, with additional services requiring a notice ahead of time.

As for the AV actress Minato Maiha, the prostitution syndicate claimed that she was born in the 1990s and was only 26 years old, but she attracted plenty of customers thanks to her hot figure and J-cup oppai; however, after further investigation, the police discovered that she was turning 40 next month.

In Minato Maiha’s AV debut, she claimed she was only 36 years old, but that was also a lie. Her income from prostitution was also lower than rumored, as she cost only 4,000 to 10,000 Hong Kong dollars per session.

According to the Hong Kong police, the number of foreign women going to Hong Kong for prostitution has increased since travel restrictions have been relaxed.

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