Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Still Let Cloud Date the Girls


Venturing even further away from the original Final Fantasy VII’s multi-disk structure, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth won’t carry over anything from Final Fantasy VII Remake at all, but at least it lets players go on a date with a girl of their choice at the Golden Saucer.

While the interview mainly focuses on what’s new in the second game of the planned trilogy, it does mention some caveats that have been made despite the game’s seemingly larger-scale world and story. For example, similar to Red XIII in Remake, some of the remaining party characters from the original FFVII who join as companions in this game will stay as NPC companions and are not officially controllable party members.

However, due to the remakes being treated as their own ‘trilogy’ and not just a continuation on different disks, for balancing reasons, character levels and abilities are not carried over from the previous game – despite picking up where the last game’s story ended off. However, there seem to be save data bonuses that will give players of the last game a head start.

Finally, it was confirmed that Cloud will be able to go on date events with the female characters at the Golden Saucer like in the original, meaning that shipping wars are likely going to continue in the fandom once more.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Still Let Cloud Date the Girls

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