Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves Caters to Casual ‘Modern’ Players


With the success of Street Fighter VI proving the viability of casual-oriented ‘Modern’ controls, in a recent interview, SNK revealed that Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves will have its own version of the feature in order to bring in new fighting game players.

While things like rollback netcode were confirmed to be included as well, as well as the ‘Braking’ system from the older games, the implementation of casual controls was one of the bigger announcements, and it seems likely that it will become a staple in future fighting games from many companies going forward as well.

SNK producer Oda confirms casual controls:

Oda: Rollback is already a must, so of course this game supports it. For simple controls, well in Street Fighter’s terms, ‘Modern’ controls, while not entirely the same, we plan to add it in in some form.

4Gamer: Simple controls has become quite a hot topic, but the system itself has existed for quite some time now. It’s just that it’s the first time the Street Fighter series has implemented them.

Oda: That’s true. However, [Capcom] refining it so much that people agreed with its tournament legality is a huge step. Also, the name. ‘Modern’ is a name that’s easy to remember, so that was good.

4Gamer: Right, the name’s important. Also, the shift in the gaming environment is also a factor. The amount of PC players is increasing, and lever-less controllers are now also becoming popular.

Oda: Yeah. Seeing the market from the game making side, in the span of the past 2-3 years, the ratio of PC players has really increased. As such, we are of course taking it seriously.

4Gamer: So while CotW hasn’t had any officially announced platforms yet, it seems PC is pretty likely.

Oda: For controllers, even in the top percentage of players, the amount of players on game pad has increased. That’s likely the biggest reason why Modern controls were implemented in Street Fighter, don’t you think?

4Gamer: Right. By the way, for lever-less controllers, how do you feel about it as a developer? Do you feel that it doesn’t matter what controller you use to play?

Oda: We’re working under that concept, yes. Though no matter what, making the game playable with the game console’s inherent controllers is the big prerequisite. As for lever-less… to me, it’s nothing but a stunt. I’d rather play with regular levers, because I’m an old man from the Space Invaders generation. (laughs)

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