Capcom COO Says He Would ‘Gracefully Decline’ a Microsoft Acquisition Offer

Capcom COO Haruhito Tsujimoto answered a few questions during a recent interview, in which he commented that he would ‘gracefully decline’ an acquisition offer from Microsoft.

Here’s a part from the Bloomberg interview:

We saw Microsoft acquiring Activision, and there have been whispers in the industry about some more deals. What is Capcom’s thinking when it comes to M&A (mergers and acquisitions)? Is there anything in the works?

Haruhito Tsujimoto: “I think there have been many M&A talks in the game industry. There was once a time we were a target, but rather than acquiring an outside company, we’d prefer organic growth. It is important to train and develop human resources in-house in order to carry out growth strategies. I also believe we can utilize external partners, but we have no intention of acquiring companies.”

What if Microsoft comes to you and says, “We’re interested in buying you out,” would you entertain that?

Haruhito Tsujimoto: “I would gracefully decline the offer because I believe it would be better if we were equal partners.”

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