Brands Pull Out From Johnny & Associates Sponsorships

With the Johnny & Associates scandal continuing onto this day, many of the company’s sponsors have announced they are pulling out from advertising contracts with Johnny’s, although some are open to working with the talents directly.

As expected of a company with Johnny’s scale, many of the brands pulling out are also large-scale, such as food companies like McDonald’s, Marugame Seimen, and all four large beer companies like Sapporo and Asahi, the latter of which the CEO recently stated, “Continuing to work with Johnny’s is the same as allowing these violations of human rights to happen.”

The actions of the companies have been well-received by those on the attack on Johnny’s, but it has also spawned a subset of people thinking brands are just jumping onto the bandwagon for free PR. It didn’t help that MOS Burger was going to continue their contract but capitulated after the public put pressure on the company, giving credence to the idea that despite the truth of Johnny’s sexual harassment cases, companies are just trying to take down the entertainment industry giant down a peg.

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