86% Local Government Leaders: ‘We Need Gaijin or We’ll Go Extinct!’

Local government leaders across Japan recently partook in a survey on population decline, on which 86% responded that there is a need to promote the acceptance of gaijin for human resources due to serious labor shortages in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries as well as medical and nursing care fields.

With the decline in human resources in Japan, government leaders have been seeing gaijin as indispensable revitalizers to the regional workforce. 84% of leaders feel that their local government is in danger of disappearing, indicating that local government management will become increasingly difficult as the population declines.

A total of 16 prefectures had a ratio of 90% or more areas in need of leaders, while Shimane and Kochi were at 100% in need. Some of the many needs in the workforce include medical and nursing care personnel and laborers in the primary and manufacturing industries.

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